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Dear residents,

Over the weekend we’ve had a number of reports of shed, garage and outbuilding burglaries in Histon with tools and equipment being targeted.

Many of us have taken steps to improve the security of our home but we often forget about our sheds and outbuildings. Not only are the contents of interest to potential burglars, but garden tools also make for handy implements to assist them into your home or your neighbour’s property.

We’re increasing patrols around hotspot areas and invite you to take a few minutes to read our advice for keeping your sheds and outbuildings secure: Always ensure you lock your garage or shed and don’t store any valuable items in there, unless you use appropriate security measures
  Store gardening equipment and tools in your shed, garage, or other outbuilding, as burglars can use these to break into your home
  Windows to garages, sheds or outbuildings can be secured with internal diamond mesh grilles, which provide a good visual obstacle to burglars
  Side or rear garage doors can be secured with British Standard 5lever mortice locks and two internal mortice rack bolts placed towards the top and bottom to reduce the leverage points You can find further information including how to secure your property boundary on our website.

If you unfortunately fall victim to one of these crimes, you can report this to us via our website or by calling 101, in an emergency, please dial 999.

Kind regards,

South Cambs Neighbourhood Policing Team
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Kirsty Inman (Police, Corporate Communications, Cambridgeshire)
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