Finance Dashboard

The Parish Council sets an Annual Budget each year, based on the requirements of the Lead Councillors or the Finance & General Purposes Committee – each of which is responsible for a particular area of the Council’s activities.

The total budget for 2023-2024 was allocated as follows:

Budget Allocation 2023-2024

The council publishes and scrutinises a quarterly budget statement every 3 months at the Full Parish Council meeting. Below are summaries of the quarterly statements. It should be noted that budgets are spent at different rates; some large expenses may only be paid annually. Thus, what may appear to be over or under spends per quarter will balance by the end of the year.

Note also that Cemetery and Halls produce income during the year, so the amount spent plus amount remaining do not always add up to the budget total.

Finance & General Purposes


Greens & Boundaries

Leisure & Amenities