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Dear Mandy,   Between the 1st-6th February, we received 5,905 calls to 101 – on top of the 2,494 calls we also received to 999 during the same period.   Needless to say, call handlers and dispatchers in our Demand Hub are often extremely busy dealing with serious incidents across the county.   Therefore, we want to remind the public about the quick and easy, self-service ways to get in touch with us in non-emergencies, that don’t involve waiting in line for a phone operator.   The first one is online reports. You can visit the force’s website and report non-urgent crime to us in just a few minutes, and then go about your day. We have dedicated forms for missing people, lost / stolen property, antisocial behaviour, road traffic incidents, domestic abuse, fraud, and more.   Simply tell us some details about yourself and the issue at hand (using a phone, tablet or desktop) and the form will be reviewed within a matter of hours. Our Demand Hub team will then decide whether your case has sufficient evidence / witnesses, and get in touch with you regarding the next steps.   We ask that you don’t call to ask for an update on forms that you have already submitted.   Another way to contact us is using live web chat. Over the past three months, our Demand Hub has responded to more than 9,500 web chats, with an average response time around 45 seconds meaning it’s the most efficient way to speak with us in a non-emergency.   Simply visit our website and click the green chat icon in the bottom right of the screen to launch a chat. Our specialist web chat operators are available around the clock to offer advice, answer questions and raise crime or intelligence reports, often without the wait.   If it is an emergency, always dial 999. If you do not have access to online services, 101 is always available. Learn more about ways to get in touch in our ‘Contacting the Constabulary’ guide on the force website.   Kind regards,  
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Lauren Watchorn
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Neighbourhood Watch Crime Prevention Free Webinar Series

We are delighted to invite you to attend our free crime prevention webinars running during February.

Each webinar will be delivered by Neighbourhood Watch with an expert speaker on each of the topics of knife crime, burglary prevention and scams. Places are free but limited. We traditionally fill places very quickly so book your place soon to avoid disappointment. As our webinars are very popular, we ask that you only book a place if you intend to attend, to open spaces for others.

The PREVENTING BURGLARY WITH WIDEN and UNDERSTANDING THE PSYCHOLOGY OF SCAMS webinars will each be run twice – you only need to book on one of those, not both.

The EXPLOITATION, GANGS AND KNIFE CRIME AWARENESS FOR PARENTS AND CARERS is a two-part course; and we ask that ONLY PARENTS AND CARERS attend those and that you commit to attending both sessions.


More about each webinar

Dates and times: 14th Feb 1pm – 2pm and 22nd Feb 6pm – 7pm – please attend one session only 
Speaker: Inspector Matt Coe, Sergeant Matt Coe, Crime Prevention, London Safety Centre

Sergeant Matt Coe is going to lead us through a webinar on burglary prevention and the importance of keeping your property safe and working with your neighbours. Matt has worked in the Metropolitan Police for the last 21 years, his early career was spent working in a variety of departments, from neighbourhoods policing to intelligence and surveillance, on promotion Matt ran the counter pickpocket and theft teams across Westminster where his passion for crime prevention was born. Since 2012 Matt has worked in crime prevention related roles covering the design and guidance for new housing in London, introducing new legislation and leading an innovative collaboration with the Fire Brigade and Ambulance Service to reduce demand across all three services. Additionally Matt leads on Crime Prevention as a subject matter expert and is the Crime Prevention training lead for the Metropolitan Police.

Dates: 15th Feb, 3.30-4.30pm and 28th Feb, 5.30-6.30pm – please attend one session only
Speaker: Paul Maskall from the Fraud & Cyber Crime Prevention Manager, Dedicated Card and Payment Crime Unit (DCPCU)

Back by popular demand, Paul Maskall will host a fireside chat on the psychology of scams and explain why scammers are so effective at their crimes. This fascinating insight into the way cyber criminals identify targets, often using data sold to them by other criminals, execute scams which use emotional blackmail and rational reasoning.

Although a scary topic, the much better news is that he will teach you how to question and swiftly deal with approaches from the criminal fraternity. An unmissable opportunity to learn more about cybercrime and fraud.

Dates: Tues 21st Feb, 7-9pm and Tues 28th Feb, 7-9pm (Both should be attended to take full advantage of this opportunity.) 
Speaker: The workshops are hosted by The Ben Kinsella Trust and they will be facilitated by Anoushka Dunic and Patrick Green.

Parents and carers will gain a greater understanding and awareness of gangs, knife crime and how to keep young people safe. Parenting children and young adults is hard. Sometimes it can be scary and overwhelming, with news stories and social media influencing how safe we feel our children are and the risks they may face in today’s climate.

These two workshops help you learn more about what is regular teenage behaviour and what might be signs that a young person in your care is vulnerable to being groomed or exploited by others. During the 2-week workshop, you will develop an understanding of the following topics:

Week 1 – Tuesday 21st of February 2023, 7-9pm

·  Introduction to the work of The Ben Kinsella Trust

·  “Attachment” and “peer” orientation

·  Stress and how this affects brain development and behaviour of young people

·  Why some children may be vulnerable to being exploited

·  Stages and signs of exploitation

·  Free resources for parents

Week 2 – Tuesday 28th February 2023, 7-9pm

·  What street gangs are, what they do, how and why

·  Language, social media, and drill music

·  The risks involved in gang lifestyles

·  County lines

·  Trauma experienced by those affected by gangs

·  Why exploited children and young adults may resist help and support

·  Building resilience within the family and community

·  Further support available for families

We hope to see you at one of the workshops.

Best wishes

Central Support Team, Neighbourhood Watch Network / Twitter / Instagram / LinkedIn / online shop
Neighbourhood Watch Network is a charity registered in England & Wales, CIO no: 1173349

WE ARE MAKING THIS A BETTER PLACE TO LIVE. TOGETHER.Please note: This email has been sent to all Neighbourhood Watch supporters within our network

Distraction thefts in Bar Hill car park

We’ve been patrolling Bar Hill this week, paying particular attention to the Tesco car park, after receiving reports of theft. On one occasion a woman in her 80’s was approached by a man and asked for information about the nearest vet and later discovered her purse had been stolen. Her bank cards were used and more than £700 taken. During a separate incident, a woman in her 70s was asked for directions whilst loading the shopping into her car. She later realised her bank cards had been taken. We’re urging shoppers to remain vigilant and if you are approached by an unknown man or woman, please do not engage with them and either call police or make security staff at Tesco aware. We’ve held meetings with Bar Hill Parish Council, Tesco and their security team in relation to these thefts and we’re making CCTV enquiries to identify those responsible. Kind Regards, Sergeant Rob Taylor South Cambs Neighbourhood Policing Team  

ECops – Contact us guide

When you need to contact the police, it can often be a distressing time, and with a range of different contact methods available to you, it might not be clear which one you should choose. 

It is important that our residents understand when to call us, when it’s better to go online, and when you should contact a different authority altogether. 

Click this link to access a ‘Contact us’ guide, which can be accessed any time via the Constabulary’s website. The guide breaks down each method of contact so you can learn about how and when to use the phone lines and online services for the police. Click into each section for further information and advice. 

A better understanding of the different contact methods (and when to use each one) will ensure that should you require the police, you will know where to turn to receive the appropriate help. Not only that, but it will also help alleviate unnecessary pressure on our call handlers, who often receive misplaced / inappropriate calls. 

Neighbourhood Alert

Position – Serious Violence Project Co-ordinator Cambridgeshire Constabulary

The Serious Violence Duty will come into force on 31st January 2023. The Government published the statutory guidance at the end of last week.

Cambridgeshire Constabulary have asked us to share this advert for a Serious Violence Project Coordinator to support the countywide partnership working required by the duty.

The closing date is 9th January 2023.

Web chat and online reports

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Cambridgeshire Constabulary are asking you to consider using online services for non-emergency contact with police, to help reduce the pressure on call takers and save time waiting on the line for an operator. 

In September, our average response time on live web chat was just 27 seconds, making this the easiest and most efficient way to contact us. 

Our specialist web chat operators have a wealth of knowledge and are available around the clock to offer advice, answer questions and raise crime or intelligence reports, often without the wait. 

Those who are pressed for time, hard of hearing or can’t talk freely can visit the dedicated web chat page or click the green button in the bottom right corner of any page on the force’s website to start a chat with an operator.  
Online reports are another great way to contact the force in a non-emergency situation. We have dedicated forms on our website which can be submitted in a matter of minutes, without the need to wait on the line for an operator. Just provide us the details and we’ll take it from there.   

All online reports are reviewed and dealt with in the same way as calls to 101.

  Learn more about contacting us here or try our ‘contact us quiz’.   

Kind regards,   
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Lauren Watchorn
(Police, Digital Marketing Officer, Corporate Communications)

Burglary warning as clocks go back

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With the clocks going back and the evenings start to draw in, we’re urging residents to check their home security.  

With more homes empty after sunset, it is so important to make sure your home is protected from opportunistic burglars.   ·  Keep a light on when you go out or use timer switches (battery or solar powered lamps are great for keeping costs down)  ·  Lock all windows and doors, even when you’re at home  ·  Don’t leave valuable items on display ·  Close your blinds and curtains at night to prevent people looking into your home ·  Install good lighting, for example exterior lights with dawn-to-dusk sensors and an alarm. ·  Do not leave car keys near the front door or anywhere easy to find.  

Don’t become a victim of a burglary, visit our website to find out how to protect your home.  

Kind regards,  
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Grace Corney
(Police, Communications Assistant, Cambridgeshire)

Could your friends and family benefit from eCops?

According to our 2022 survey, 73% of respondents said that thanks to eCops, they would now “find it easier to spot a scam, fraud or potential crime attempts”. 
A further 55% of respondents said that due to eCops, they have changed their behaviour regarding how they protect themselves and others against crime. 

Also as a result of eCops:

·  23% of respondents said that they have taken action to help protect themselves against crime

·  One third of respondents said the information in eCops alerts has helped prevent them from becoming a victim of crime

·  And half of the respondents said that their confidence in the police has increased since signing up

Help your friends, family and neighbours to feel safer in their community and protect themselves against local crime. Anyone in Cambridgeshire can sign up to eCops for free at

Catalytic converter thefts in a village near you

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Over the past two weeks we’ve seen an increase in catalytic converter thefts in South Cambs. Catalytic converters are found in the exhaust system of every car and reduce the output of toxic gases and pollutants.  It takes just minutes for thieves to remove a catalytic converter and on many occasions victims are unaware their vehicle has been targeted even though it was sat on their driveway. The offences happen in broad daylight as well as at night. There have been reported thefts in the villages of Meldreth, Foxton, Melbourn, Eltisley, Littlington, Bassingbourn, Guilden Morden, Hardwick, Comberton, Orwell, Pampisford and Barton. We’re increasing our patrols to try and catch those responsible and we’re asking you to be vigilant and report any suspicious activity to us.  If you suspect a crime is taking place, call 999. Please provide operators with as much information as possible including the vehicle they are driving and number plate, descriptions of those involved and the location. You can find more information on our website about catalytic converter theft including steps you can take to try and protect your vehicle against thieves. Kind Regards, Inspector Shane Fasey
South Cambs Neighbourhood Team  
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Tara Dundon
(Police, Senior Communications Officer, All )

Energy Bill Scam Texts

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Message Type Icon ALERT: Energy Bill Scam texts
Dear Subscriber,  Action Fraud has received 139 crime reports relating to fake text messages purporting to be from the UK government. The texts state that the recipient is “owed” or “eligible” for an energy bill discount as part of the Energy Bill Support Scheme. The links in the emails lead to genuine-looking websites that are designed to steal your personal and financial information. You can see screenshots of the text messages on our Twitter post here.   How to protect yourself ·  Energy Bill Discount : £400 off energy bills for households in Great Britain from October 2022. You do not need to apply for the scheme and you will not be asked for your bank details.   ·  Spotted a suspicious text message? Forward it to 7726 (it’s free of charge). If you forward a text to 7726, your provider can investigate the origin of the text and arrange to block or ban the sender, if it’s found to be malicious.   For more information on how to stay secure online, please visit   If you found this information useful, please share it with friends, family and colleagues.  
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Action Fraud
(Action Fraud, Administrator, National)

Safer Cambs – Live Web Chat

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Dear Mandy, Did you know that last year, specialist operators in our demand hub dealt with more than 33,000 issues using online web chat?  With agents available around the clock and an average response time of just 1 minute 12 seconds, it is one of the quickest and easiest methods of contacting us in a non-emergency situation. (If anyone is in immediate danger or harm, please always call police using 999). Report crime, seek advice or provide us with intel by visiting our dedicated web chat page or clicking the green chat icon at the bottom of our website home page Kind regards,       
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Lauren Watchorn
(Police, Digital Marketing Officer, Corporate Communications)
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Message Type Icon Could our live web chat be of use to you?
Have you used our online services yet? Not only can you report issues to us online, but you can also speak to our specialist operators 24 hours a day using our live web chat service.  Receive advice, guidance and support from operators in our demand hub in a way that is quick and easy for you.  Starting a live chat can be done at any time by clicking the green chat icon in the bottom right of our website.  In July alone, we helped 2,498 people using our web chat, and our average response time was 1 minute 12 seconds.  Remember that live chat and online reports are for non-urgent instances. We urge you to always dial 999 in an emergency situation, or if someone is in immediate danger.  Kind regards,  

Safer Cambs – What happens when I submit an online report?

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Dear Mandy, In non-urgent instances, we are urging you to utilise our online report forms, where you can tell us about road traffic incidents, domestic abuse, antisocial behaviour, fraud and more.  But what exactly happens when you submit an online report to us? 1 – Report is received  Once a crime is reported through our contact centre, a call taker will complete a THRIVE assessment. This considers the: ·  threat to the individuals involved ·  harm associated to the crime ·  the investigation needed to solve the crime  ·  the vulnerability of the parties involved ·  the level of engagement from the parties involved  2 –  IMU review the report  The investigations management unit (IMU) then review all crime reports that require further investigation. The team will ensure the relevant information has been collected to investigate further. At this point, the IMU may decide to close the case if there is not enough evidence, no willing witnesses or no statements.  If the IMU feel that the crime needs to be investigated further, a crime is raised and a reference number will be given.  3 – Crime is raised  If the crime has the evidence required to investigate, the report will be allocated to an officer and the investigation will begin. We will always get in contact with a victim of crime, but the time in which this takes us to do so can sometimes vary.  You can view our report forms here.   
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Lauren Watchorn
(Police, Digital Marketing Officer, Corporate Communications)


Speeding, ASB and drug dealing remain priorities for South Cambs

Thank you to the residents of South Cambridgeshire who joined us for our online meeting last week. For those who were unable to join us this time around, we heard from the South Cambridgeshire team about what they have been doing to tackle drugs, anti-social behaviour and speeding in the area.

Speeding – We continue to work closely with Community Speedwatch volunteers and our Vision Zero team to carry out targeted speed checks, issue tickets and seize vehicles. If you live in an area of concern for speeding, please report it to us on the website.

Drugs – We’ve charged a man in connection with the supply of drugs to children in Cambourne. Another warrant was carried out in Bassingbourn and cannabis found. We charged a man following the discovery of a cannabis factory in Knapwell and an investigation is ongoing into another cannabis factory in Sawston.  Thank  you for all the information you have shared with us. Please keep sending it to us.

Anti-Social Behaviour – Over the past three months we’ve been engaging with schools and speaking to pupils about ASB. Hot-spot patrols have been carried out across the area. We held a community meeting in Cambourne and have carried out targeted activity. A persistent beggar in Cambourne has also been issued a Criminal Behaviour Order to curtail their behaviour. There’s also ongoing engagement with unauthorised encampments.

Next three months At the end of the meeting we agreed to focus efforts on the below. This will be alongside our daily priorities (which can be viewed here).
Anti-social behaviour – Fen Ditton, Fulbourn, Milton, Waterbeach, Histon and Impington
Drugs – developing intelligence and targeted activity
Speeding – Girton will be a focus but not exclusive

Our very genuine desire is to focus the team on the things that are of the highest risk and concern for you, our residents. The South Cambs Neighbourhood Team will now provide regular updates to these priorities on the force Facebook and Twitter page over the coming weeks and months. We will then look to begin this process again with another meeting held on 1 November. You can register your attendance with us. Thank you for participating in this process. If you have any concerns in the meantime, visit our website.
Inspector Shane Fasey South Cambridgeshire