Cambridgeshire County Council Surface Treatments works program 2020

This Autumn, CCC will begin a program of works to carry out carriageway Micro Asphalt Surface Treatments and Gripfibre surface treatments to a number of unclassified roads across the county of Cambridgeshire, totalling approximately 93000 square metres. The estimated value of this program is in the region of £1.2m.

All roads will be closed during work operations, and where appropriate, diversion routes will be in place. Closure points will be manned with operatives to provide advice on timings and access. Access to properties inside the closure will be possible, but is dependent on work operations at the time it is requested, and delay are going to be inevitable. Advanced warning signs will be placed on site a minimum of 14 days in advance of works, and properties within the closure will receive a letter/leaflet about the works.

Attached is the initial program of works, please be aware that Surface Treatments, are heavily weather dependent, and as a result, given the size of the program; are subject to possible changes at very short notice. I would also like to draw your attention to Frank Bridges Close, Soham which has been included in the Micro-Asphalt program. Due to an administrative error, this site will not be done until 2021, and will be removed from the program.

If you have any questions regarding this program of Micro-Asphalt and Gripfibre works, please do not hesitate to contact Highways at Cambridgeshire County Council.