Have your say: Electric Vehicles and Charging Points survey

Good evening

The Combined Authority has launched a survey asking the public to share

their views on electric vehicles (EVs) and how best to meet the need for

more charging points across the region.

With the transition away from petrol and diesel vehicles affecting

everyone – whether they drive an EV or not – we’re encouraging as many

people as possible to have a say. Please share the survey among your

community noticeboards, publications and channels to help more people to

take part.

  Working with Cambridgeshire County Council and Peterborough City

Council, we are developing an Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Strategy

and will be applying to the Government’s Local Electric Vehicle

Infrastructure (LEVI) fund to help build more charge points.

The Combined Authority wants to make sure they are planned for in the

right way, informed by people’s views.

The Combined Authority’s vision for charging points is:

_”For everyone in the region to have the necessary electric vehicle

charging infrastructure available in the right place at the time they

need. This charging infrastructure will be high quality, safe ,

affordable, environmentally sustainable and accessible. “_

The survey only takes five minutes and can be found here, along with

further information:


People have until MARCH 26, 2024, to take the survey before it closes.

You can download our survey poster [2]for sharing within your community

and networks. There is a QR code linking to the survey.

For those who prefer to email feedback, use


For responding by post, request a hard copy of the survey by emailing

transport@cambridgeshirepeterborough-ca.gov.uk or call 01480 277180.

You can also read our news post about the survey here:



Thank you in advance for any support you can give in sharing this


Combined Authority Transport Team