Cambridgeshire Peterborough Children’s Health: A Platform for Families

Cambridgeshire Peterborough Children’s
Health: A Platform for Families
Introducing the new online NHS resource for parents and carers. Designed with local families, 0-19 Healthy Child Programme and other NHS children’s services to be a go-to resource for children and young people’s health advice. Using a collaborative approach based on need and evidence the platform focuses on:
Easy access to health information – with a family focused design, information is quick to access and easy to use on a phone, tablet or laptop. Accessibility has been prioritised to ensure information can be translated, downloaded and adapted to suit a family’s reading needs. Being a local resource connected with local services – seamless linking to local resources such as ‘Keep Your Head’, Cambridgeshire and Peterborough SEND Hubs and partner NHS services. There are also dedicated service pages where professionals can find the most up to date contact details, referral forms and guidance.

Evidence based topics for our families’ diverse needs – offering a mixture of general and specialist NHS advice for families with children and young people. Covering many topics including:
Behaviour, emotions and mental health Child development and growing up Common illnesses  Feeding and eating Moving and being active Peeing, pooing and toileting Sleep Speech, language and communication Staying safe and accident prevention There is also specialist information on topics such as sensory differences, physical skills development, communication skills, physical and mental health and more.

With a mixture of original content and linking to local information, Cambridgeshire Peterborough Children’s Health is a resource supporting and connecting local services. 
Built on the foundation of the NHS Cambridgeshire and Peterborough joint services, this new online resource combines all the online offers previously provided on the Cambridgeshire Community Services NHS Trust website.
How professionals and local partners can help
Supporting the campaign

As our promotional campaign launches over the next few weeks, we would appreciate any support from colleagues and partners. There will be a social media campaign on Facebook, X (formally known as Twitter) and Instagram @CambsPboroCYP. Any shares, likes and comments would be very helpful. There are also template materials to help spread the word:
A Template article and bulletins for any external newsletters you create for local families.  A poster you can easily print out. A TV slideshow for waiting rooms. Template message for internal and professional updates.
Collaboration and partnership working

This is just the launch, there is still lots of exciting work to come to continue developing the platform. There are also lots of opportunities to collaborate and ensure seamless linking between local resources. We are looking forward to working with our fantastic local colleagues. Please use the collaboration form to get in touch.
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