TMC Incident Report

The Traffic Management Centre (TMC) monitors the county’s road network and reports any variations to the traffic flow, we refer to these as ‘incidents’. We use the term ‘incident’ to describe something that has happened on the County’s road network which has an impact (of varying degrees) on usual traffic flows. This could include, for example, a Road Traffic Collision, a burst water main or temporary traffic lights for road works.

We are using a new web-based system to log and display these incidents in both map and report formats.

This system can be viewed by visiting;

The TMC responded to 109 incidents on the road network throughout Cambridgeshire in June covering 22 weekdays. This is an increase to May and that of June 2022.  Please see the table below which illustrates the number of incidents over the last 6 months, compared to the same period last year;

Incidents by month/year


Our @Cambs_Traffic Twitter account is our quickest engagement tool with the public and the interaction gives a good indication of how effective the messages are getting out to people.

Throughout June we gained 7 new followers. The number of tweets sent, and number of tweet impressions increased compared to the previous month. The number of profile visits also increased giving us our biggest jump up in 6 months.

Twitter AnalyticsJan-23Feb-23Mar-23Apr-23May-23June-23
Number of Followers16,57516,71616,72016,73916,74916,756
Increase in followers from previous month75103419107
Number of Tweets sent208412442253127341
Number of profile visits7,69515,74912,3369,5254,06810,700
Number of Tweet impressions549,000591,485500,851384,560536,664583,226

Note:  The number of Tweets sent includes advance notice road works and event Tweets alongside live incident Tweets.

We have now completed uploading all the historic data from 2018 -2023 onto google maps which you can find via the links below. Not all of March’s has been uploaded yet, at the time of sending these we may not have entirely completed the previous months but please bear with us, they will be rolled out in the month following together with this email. If you have any queries or feedback, please do not hesitate to contact us at

TMC Incidents 2018

TMC Incidents 2019

TMC Incidents 2020

TMC Incidents 2021

TMC Incidents 2022

TMC Incidents 2023

Following on from the latest update of the City Science system where we record our incidents, please be aware that when first opening the application it will now default to only showing you the last 28 days of incidents. We found performance of the controller page was struggling when showing the full history. If you want to revert to the old view, you can use the Timespan dropdown at the top of the sidebar and clear the “From” date (the actual clearing procedure is browser dependent, but it should be along the lines of clicking the date input, clicking “Clear” and then “Apply”).