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Message Type Icon Plea following cable thefts
We are urging people to report anything suspicious around cable thefts.

Underground cables, which connect homes and businesses to the phone and broadband network, have been targeted by criminals in locations including the A10 Waterbeach, A1198 Cambourne, Linton, Mepal, Soham, Somersham, Wickham and Wooley. The damage caused often leaves hundreds of people without working phone or broadband for long periods of time. With the rising prices of scrap metal including copper and aluminium, cables are becoming a popular target amongst thieves. They will lift up manhole covers by grass verges or carriageways to access the underground cables often masquerading as legitimate contractors. The plastic sheathing on the cables will then be burnt in fields and the metal inside sold on. We’re working with Openreach to target suspects and areas we believe are at increased risk.

What you can do:
👀 Look out for open manhole covers and be aware of bogus roadworks or suspicious activity around the covers.
👀Look out for thick acrid black smoke and fires in rural locations, this could be thieves burning the cables.
👀Cables are often pulled from the ground and dragged along farmer’s fields in order to cut them up. Be aware of this type of crop damage.

Concerns or information can be reported online, quoting Op Akita. In an emergency always call 999. Openreach also has a dedicated area of their website Report cable theft | Openreach where you can find out more about their work to combat cable theft, along with details about how to contact their security team.

Detective Chief Inspector Helen Tebbit