ECops – Contact us guide

When you need to contact the police, it can often be a distressing time, and with a range of different contact methods available to you, it might not be clear which one you should choose. 

It is important that our residents understand when to call us, when it’s better to go online, and when you should contact a different authority altogether. 

Click this link to access a ‘Contact us’ guide, which can be accessed any time via the Constabulary’s website. The guide breaks down each method of contact so you can learn about how and when to use the phone lines and online services for the police. Click into each section for further information and advice. 

A better understanding of the different contact methods (and when to use each one) will ensure that should you require the police, you will know where to turn to receive the appropriate help. Not only that, but it will also help alleviate unnecessary pressure on our call handlers, who often receive misplaced / inappropriate calls. 

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