Bin Collections

Dear Digital Champions

Firstly, my apologies for coming to you on another occasion this week. However, given your excellent links to local networks, we thought it was important to share this latest update regarding bin collections with you. Following this week’s freezing weather, we wanted to confirm the plan we have formed around how we hope to be able to catch-up on those blue and black bin collections that we have missed this week.

Here is some text that we would appreciate you sharing into your local groups and platforms. Again, an image which can be used to illustrate any text is attached.

Next week, bin crews will be trying to return to those areas which did not receive a bin collection between Monday 12 and Friday 16 December due to the freezing weather. Please note however that due to the numbers of staff and lorries that are available, this only applies to black and blue bins – not green bins. If all the blue or black bins on your street were not emptied between 12 and 16 December, please put these back out on Sunday evening and waste crews will do their best to empty them by Friday afternoon (23 December). The Council is aware of which whole streets were missed because of the mapping software used in bin lorries. If by Friday it/they have not been emptied, then the Council has apologised but will not be able to return until the next scheduled collection day. Thank you for your patience.

Alternatively, here are some social media posts that you may simply wish to re-share into your local groups:

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Once again, my thanks for your assistance in helping us spread messages relating to disruption to bin collections this week. We really appreciate it.

All the best,