Could your friends and family benefit from eCops?

According to our 2022 survey, 73% of respondents said that thanks to eCops, they would now “find it easier to spot a scam, fraud or potential crime attempts”. 
A further 55% of respondents said that due to eCops, they have changed their behaviour regarding how they protect themselves and others against crime. 

Also as a result of eCops:

·  23% of respondents said that they have taken action to help protect themselves against crime

·  One third of respondents said the information in eCops alerts has helped prevent them from becoming a victim of crime

·  And half of the respondents said that their confidence in the police has increased since signing up

Help your friends, family and neighbours to feel safer in their community and protect themselves against local crime. Anyone in Cambridgeshire can sign up to eCops for free at