Scam Warning

Cambridgeshire Police Fraud Alert- Cold Calling regarding government energy rebate

National media reports state that fraudsters are cold-calling people and posing as government representatives and then requesting bank details to receive the government’s £150 energy rebate. Currently, I am unaware of any such reports within Cambridgeshire.

The one-off rebate is available to most properties in bands A-D, around four-fifths of homes in England.

Key message:

All households with properties in the above bands which pay council tax by direct debit will receive the rebate directly into their bank account, while others will be sent a letter with details of how to claim.

Please DO NOT give out any of your bank details in response to a cold call including telephone, text, email, or Social Media platforms.

If you want genuine information and guidance on the rebate, visit the official government website

For the media article about the scam visit New scam warning as cold-callers pretend to offer £150 energy bill rebate | UK News | Sky News.

If you suspect you are a victim of a scam, contact your bank first and then report to Action Fraud.