Active Travel and The Return of Reach Ride

Government news of the month Chris Boardman says Active Travel England will be ready in ‘weeks’ Giving evidence to the government’s Environment and Climate Change Committee last week, Chris Boardman said Active Travel England should be ‘up and running in a matter of weeks’ and available to help local authorities with design advice on cycling and walking schemes. It’s worth watching this webinar Chris and Interim Head of Inspection Brian Deegan gave to the All Party Parliamentary Group for Cycling & Walking at the end of last month which explains more about what the new funding body and inspectorate aims to do. Chris Whitty champions cycling as a way to improve health Speaking yesterday at the annual conference of the Local Government Association and the Association of Directors of Public Health, the government’s chief medical officer for England highlighted active travel as a way to build exercise into people’s daily routines. He said that data on cycling levels from the 1950s and 60s showed that ‘the idea that the UK is a country you can’t actually do cycling is clearly incorrect’ and praised local authorities for the imaginative ways they made it easier for people to walk and cycle during the pandemic.
Camcycle news Spring issue of Camcycle features people who are ‘staying active’ Cover of Camcycle magazine - Spring 2022The latest issue of our magazine is packed with content from a wide range of contributors – take a look: Rosie Tween shares her experience as a wheelchair user, handcyclist and disabled driver Nigel Woodcock writes about how an e-bike has enabled him to keep cycling as he gets older Four people involved in local groups offer a warm welcome to new riders Mike’s Bread and Kinnerz Coaching use cargo bikes for their businesses We look to London for inspiration on winning hearts and minds, trialling low-traffic neighbourhoods and collecting decisive data. Three more local groups working for Zero Carbon Streets tell us about their work: St Ives Eco Action, Mill Road For People and Cambridge Living Streets. Save the date for the Reach Ride on Monday 2 May With just over a month to go before our favourite ride of the year returns, we will be busy promoting the Reach Ride over the coming weeks. The ride to the historic Bank Holiday fair in Reach village is free and open to all: Camcycle offer a guided ride from Cambridge, Ely Cycling Campaign will be leading a ride from Ely, and we welcome groups from other destinations joining us along the way. Please help us spread the word!
Local cycling issues People walking, cycling and enjoying a cafe on Mill Road A14 bridge barriers removed at last! Thank you to all who helped us work for the removal of the exclusionary barriers near the A14 bridges at Bar Hill and Swavesey. It’s good to see that these paths are fully accessible for all ages and abilities once more. Do get in touch if you have any queries about barriers on routes near you. Too many people are being hurt or killed on our rural roads On 11 March, we placed another ‘ghost bike’ memorial at the site of a fatal collision, this time at the junction of Little Wilbraham Road and the A1303. Deaths and serious injuries of cyclists have been rising locally, and rural deaths have been increasing nationally. It’s time to take action and prevent others being hurt. Mill Road: a place to go TO, not THROUGH Last week, we joined Mill Road For People, Mill Road Traders Association and Cambridge City Licensed Taxis Ltd in presenting our vision for the future of Mill Road a few days before the Greater Cambridge Partnership closed their public consultation. View our presentation on YouTube and read our consultation response here.
That’s all for this month. Thank you for all the work you do for more, better and safer active travel. Kind Regards,

Roxanne De Beaux
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