Scam Alert forwarded from Cambridgeshire Police
Casp View as a webpage scam warning Cambridgeshire Police Fraud Alert –
Fake Banking App Scam

Fake banking apps are available to download from both the Apple Store and Google Play, apps that fraudsters could use to scam people.
The link below relates to a Wiltshire media article and provides more detail of the scam in action, but I will provide a summary.
Fraudsters download a fake banking app and search local online marketplaces.

If you are selling something locally and you invite the buyer to visit your home, or an agreed meeting place, be alert if you agree to the sale when the buyer produces their mobile phone and asks for your bank account and sort code. You will be able to watch them enter the details into their fake banking app and then they will show you the screen of their phone which will display a message that the agreed amount has successfully been paid into your bank.

Please do not hand over the goods until you have checked and confirmed that the payment has been received into your own bank account, but this is where the criminal may try and distract you.

This type of scam could impact on any one of us potentially, but I am concerned for those who are vulnerable and feel intimidated, so they don’t check their bank account before handing over the goods.
Please take the time to read the media article and mention to family and friends. Watch out for fake bank app used by crooks in attempted £600 iPhone scam | This Is Wiltshire Follow us on Twitter| Facebook| CCC PCC