Warning after spate of burglaries

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Dear Subscribers,

We’re urging residents to be vigilant, review their home security and look out for any suspicious activity following a string of burglaries across the south of Cambridgeshire.

Since the weekend the force has received reports of burglaries spiking in Cambourne, Sawston and Trumpington as well as nearby villages.

Where thieves have been successful in breaking into properties, jewellery and cash have been taken along with electrical items.

Please take simple measures to keep your home safe. Lock doors, keep keys and valuables out of reach and ensure outbuildings and rear entrances to properties are also secure.

Consider installing good interior and exterior lighting, used together with time switches or motion sensors.

Keep an eye on your neighbours’ property and report anything that doesn’t feel right to police.

If a crime is in progress, call police on 999. Otherwise, please call 101 or report it online.

Further burglary prevention advice is available here.

Detective Sergeant James Rabbett
Southern Burglary Team
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Tara Dundon (Police, Comms officer, Corp comms)