ActionFraud – Cyber Crime Survey 2021

Fraud and cybercrime are the most common criminal offences in the UK. Analysis of Action Fraud reports showed that 86% of frauds had a cyber element to them. As the threat from cyber crime continues to grow and evolve, it is important to remember one thing – most of it can be prevented. By following just a few practical steps you can make it harder for cyber criminal to get into your devices and online accounts.

In order to better understand what steps you are already taking to secure online, we would be grateful if you would please complete the short survey we have created. Your answers will help us to determine what areas of online security we need focus on over the coming months.

Please note:

  • the survey is completely anonymous and we don’t ask you for any personal information
  • Survey answers will not be shared with any third parties

Thank you for helping us improve our response to fraud and cyber crime in the UK

Kind regards

Action Fraud Team