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Beware BT Phishing E-mails One of our wonderful supporters has been in touch to let us know about a fake BT e-mail that they have received, trying to ‘phish’ for personal and account information. This may be doing the rounds so, as with all our scam warnings, please share this message onwards to your e-mail contacts, on social media and community webpages to help people to be aware and stay safe.  Of course if you’re not a customer of BT then you’re likely to suspect that this is a scam but in many cases of phishing e-mails, the fraudster has obtained the e-mail addresses of people who are customers of a company to target them with fake e-mails from the company in question. 

Please see the image of the bogus e-mail shared by our supporter below.  Fake BT e-mail image

Tell-tale signs that this e-mail is not genuine are:
The sender’s address is not a BT e-mail address (in this case the sender was 72227283@clouddata(dot)com ). Tip: you can check a senders address by hovering over or clicking on their name.
The customer not being addressed by name. Usually your bank or a company that you have an account with will know your name and use it to greet you.
The ‘T’ in BT being used in lower case in the body of the message.
Spelling errors e.g. buttton. 
The pressure or urgency to act i.e. within 2 days. Scammers like to apply pressure so someone might not take the time to think or seek advice.
The request for the recipient to click a link and give personal/account/banking information. This is the ultimate aim of a phishing e-mail – to obtain your information by deception, in order that it can be used to steal your money or trick you again in the future.

Phishing e-mails like this can be reported by forwarding to .

For advice about scams contact Citizens Advice Consumer Helpline on 0808 223 1133. If you lose money to a fraudster report it to Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040 or on their website . Please share and beware! Thank you. Follow us on Twitter| Facebook| CCC PCC