Covid – Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Stand Firm Campaign

Stand firm. Stay home. Protect family. Protect community

#StandFirm is a new campaign reminding people they must stick to the rules in the continuing fight against COVID.

It shares true and emotive stories of people’s experience of COVID-19. No one wants to risk how awful COVID can be and so we must all remain on our guard against complacency – to protect ourselves, our families and the local community.

The majority of people are following the rules.Find out how to Stand Firm against Covid

Here’s our latest film, featuring Andy Nazer, a campaigner against loneliness.

Andy Nazer who experienced Covid-19 talks about the impacts of the illness on loneliness. He urges others to join him and ‘stand firm’ in their resolve to follow public health guidelines.

Watch our first film, which features Kim Wright, a social worker, who talks about her personal experience of Covid-19.