Antisocial behaviour in the village – 30th November 2020

As many of you will be aware, unfortunately some selfish individuals decided to pour an unknown but possibly corrosive liquid onto many cars around the village last night causing a lot of distress to residents and potential damage to numerous vehicles.

Our Police Liaison Councillor, James Hutchcraft was around the village as soon as he was aware of the incidents last night speaking to residents and collecting photos etc to pass onto the police.

The Council have contacted the community policing team regarding the incidents and to express their concerns over this despicable behaviour.

The best course of action for residents in the face of such incidents is always to contact the police,  directly and immediately.

We would encourage anyone who has any photographic evidence to either forward it directly to the police or if you prefer, to the Council at:

and Councillor Hutchcraft at

The Council are deeply troubled by recent incidents in the village, especially as these have come at a time when the Police are planning to cut 40 of the County’s PCSOs.  Following the announcement, we wrote to Lucy Frazer MP, the Crime Commissioner, and the Chief Constable to implore them to reconsider their decision.  Residents in rural communities deserve to live peacefully knowing that there are sufficient police resources on hand to both prevent and action crimes in our village.