South Cambs Public Planning Portal closed for maintenance

Please note from the 27th to 29th November the Planning Public Access System will be unavailable due to an upgrade as part of a Planning service wide project. This project will deliver improvements to resilience, ensure continued compliance with Public Sector security standards, will ensure ongoing support from the system suppliers and will bring new features to our staff and members of the public. 

This is a three phased staged project of which this upgrade is part two. The 3rd and final phase is schedule for the 22nd – 25th January and further communications will be sent near to that time. 

There are several new features included in the latest public access system.  

Mapping enhancements include: 

  • New look and feel to the base map 
  • Quick and easy tool to limit the display of applications within a selected time period  
  • New measurement tool allowing to measure area, distance and show longitude/latitude of point 
  • A new button to allow a large map to be available on the screen 
  • Saved searches function allows users to save an extent search or circular search based on a set radius 

Other enhancements to Public Access include:  

  • Filter searches by Local Authority on simple, advanced and weekly/monthly lists 
  • When a comment is successfully submitted to the Council the comments page clears down ready for selecting the next application.   
  • Title field now set as optional 

To compensate for this interruption to introduce the upgraded system, the consultation dates on applications that are open for comment during this downtime have been extended by 5 days.  

We apologise for the inconvenience this will cause.