Recent Actions:

Though WPC has limited powers it can make a difference. The following are examples of recent actions:

Tree planting

Meadow Road site: Fifty oak trees have been planted to commemorate the 75th anniversary of VE Day and poppy seeds sown.  It is hoped that additional Silver Birch trees will also be planted on the site.

Community Orchard: WPC liaised closely with and supported the Willingham Action Group (WAG) in establishing the community orchard in 2015, planting more than 850 trees.


Street Lighting: The Council has taken over the provision and payment of electricity for the streetlights SCDC is responsible for in the village (the majority are under the remit of CCC).  The supplier that the Council has chosen is a provider of renewable energy.  It is also anticipated that over the next two years the lights will be changed to LED.

Lights in the Ploughman Hall: The Council has had the hall lights converted to LED.

Floodlights on the Rec: These have also been converted to LED.