Reporting Northstowe Breaches Complaints

The District Council are asking Willingham residents if they would step up their efforts to gain evidence of breaches of planning condition by Northstowe  construction vehicles. They have a meeting with the developers on 28th August and they need to present as much evidence as they can to it.

SCDC Enforcement officers use the number of complaints received through their complaints portal to gauge the need for action and despite the many complaints received by our District Councillors, at the moment the number is (we are told) relatively low!

The link to the reporting portal is below. Video evidence is great but the file sizes may mean they cannot be loaded through the portal. A screen shot or photo would be sufficient as long as it shows the vehicle’s registration plate plus the time and date (plus a recognisable Willingham location). Any associated video should be kept easily accessible, in case it is needed.

The email address is

District Councillor Handley’s email address: