Homes for Ukraine Newsletter – November 23 2023

November 23 2023

Support for Ukraine community update for hosts in South Cambridgeshire, as well as District Councillors, community coordinators and parish council colleagues.


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Refugee Host Support services

We recognise what a huge task it is to become a host and welcome a new family into your own home. Although we have tried to provide as much support as possible to our hosts and guests, we are pleased to be able to announce that we have launched a new service so you can get additional help.

We have partnered with Refugee Host Support to provide you with a free service that can give you help 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The service includes:

  • 24/7 assistance with unlimited access to accredited and qualified counsellors or psychotherapists.
  • Cognitive Behavioural therapy to help overcome common mental health problems.
  • Advice lines, including financial, legal, consumer and career advice.
  • Discounts at applicable brands.

Please look at this video tour to view the full package of support that this service offers.

To sign up to the service, complete the online form. In the reference box, please use the word Anglesey

You will then receive a welcome email giving you all the information you need.

You will also have immediate access to the Supporter Plan brought to you by

If you have questions before signing up, you can join Nicole Berry from Refugee Host Support on Tuesday 28 November at noon for a Zoom tutorial and question session. Use the details below to access the event.

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 822 3793 3397
Passcode: 576153

Thank you once again for your on-going support. We hope this additional service will help provide you with further help. Please also be aware that Homes for Ukraine guests have access to a dedicated service tailored towards them, and we would encourage you to let your guest know about this. They will be able to access 24/7 advice lines with Ukrainian speakers, online Ukrainian support groups, and have access to online therapy should it be needed. Details have been sent directly to all Ukrainian guests via email.

Guests’ parental responsibilities during temporary absences from their host accommodation

We recognise that some guests may need to be absent from their host accommodation from time to time, such as for travel back to see family in Ukraine. However, hosts should please be aware that guest parents or legal guardians of a child(ren) under the age of 18 must always be responsible for their own children. Guests should not expect a sponsor/host to take responsibility.

In very exceptional circumstances, where the absence of a guest parent or legal guardian from their family cannot be avoided, then there are certain steps which must be taken. It is very important that should this be the case then they must contact us at, or call us on 01954 713411, so we can help initiate the correct process in collaboration with you as their host, and help them come to the right decision. Longer absences require a different process involving the County Council so bear this in mind too.

The Government has given guidance for exceptional circumstances.  There is more information here .

Useful Information for your guests

We thought we would also take this opportunity to remind you of some of the useful information which is available on the Council website for your guests. It can be found in the Guest Information Hub covering Financial advice and support, Local travel support, Access to health and wellbeing services, Access to education and childcare, Hobbies and leisure activities and Moving On.

  • English Lessons in Histon: Free weekly English lessons are available in Histon on Tuesday evenings. For more information, contact Angela Young on
  • ESOL Classes for Ukrainians in Cambridge: Pre-intermediate and upper-intermediate level English language classes are organised by CamRuSS Cambridge Russian-Speaking Society (CamRuSS) with the support of the council. Classes are held during the day (11am–1pm and 2pm–4pm) on Mondays and Thursdays at St. Andrews Street Baptist Church. To join, please fill out the form.
  • CamRuSS helpline: Cambridge Russian-Speaking Society (CamRuSS) runs a helpline for guests and hosts with a translation service. Call 05603 025975 (9am-6pm weekdays, 10am-5pm Saturdays). 

A range of free or special offers are also available for Ukrainian guests:

We continue to be extremely grateful for your support of Ukrainian guests and thank you for taking the time to read this latest update.

Best wishes,
Bill Handley
Lead Cabinet Member for Communities
South Cambridgeshire District Council