New Ways to Contact South Cambs District Council

An update on contacting the Council

It’s usually easier to contact us online. You can do more online at a time to suit you. Did you know you can complete a short form to update your Council Tax bill if you’ve moved; report a change in your circumstances related to your Benefits; or report a missed bin collection? Just visit our website to do all of the above and more. You can also create a My South Cambs account, to see personalised information – such as your Council Tax payments or your Benefits account.

If you do need to call us, then please bear in mind that our Contact Centre has this month moved across to a single number for most Council services, which is 01954 713 000. This single number replaces the existing suite of 03450 numbers. This is easier for customers as there is now just one number to remember or look-up. It does not cost customers any more money in call charges than the previous 03450 number did. Please note that there are some exceptions to this new number, such as Building Control, Council house repairs or maintenance and out of hours numbers. Our Contact Us website page contains all the details.

We are also pleased to now offer residents who choose to call us a call back feature if call answering times are longer than usual. If the customer waits for five minutes to speak to us on the phone, the call back function will automatically be offered to them. Finally, we are also working on a webchat service so residents will be able to message us at their convenience online. We are working to make this service live in 2022, and further details will follow early next year.