Community Gritting Scheme 2020-21

This is a request for volunteers for this winter 2020-2021

The Community Gritting Scheme is a scheme where local volunteers can help to keep their community moving in freezing weather. Under this scheme, the parish council agrees specific routes in their area which are important to the local community with the county council.   The volunteers then grit these roads when needed, see the attached gritting training pack below for further information.  

If you would like to volunteer please speak to your local highway officer at Cambridgeshire County Council at  Cambridgeshire County Council, Highways Depot, Station Road, Whittlesford CB2 4NL or via email at

Passenger Transport -alteration to service -A2B Coaches

We have been advised that A2B Coaches have altered one of their services from 14th September 2020. Please see the information below:

ServiceOperatorDate of ChangeRouteDescription of change
75A2B Coaches14 September 2020Wrestlingworth – Orwell – Cambridge     Slightly amended departure times to improve reliability. Departure time from Drummer Street in Cambridge standardised at 16:30 whether sixth form colleges open, or not. 16:30 (starts from Long Road Sixth Form College at 16:15 when open) and 17:45 departures from Drummer Street in Cambridge will continue beyond Barton on request to the bus driver. Departure time from Drummer Street in Cambridge standardised at 17:45 following requests from customers.

Roadworks and Events bulletin (South) 16th – 31 August 2020

Due to the advice issued by the Government changing often, the dates of these works may change or get cancelled at short notice. To check any works, please use the link provided which will take you to – this updates automatically with any date changes, and will disappear if cancelled.

this only includes works that are due to start between 16th – 31st  August and longer term works that are still in progress will have been included on previous reports. Alternatively please refer to which will include details on emergency roadworks

Cambridgeshire County Council Surface Treatments works program 2020

This Autumn, CCC will begin a program of works to carry out carriageway Micro Asphalt Surface Treatments and Gripfibre surface treatments to a number of unclassified roads across the county of Cambridgeshire, totalling approximately 93000 square metres. The estimated value of this program is in the region of £1.2m.

All roads will be closed during work operations, and where appropriate, diversion routes will be in place. Closure points will be manned with operatives to provide advice on timings and access. Access to properties inside the closure will be possible, but is dependent on work operations at the time it is requested, and delay are going to be inevitable. Advanced warning signs will be placed on site a minimum of 14 days in advance of works, and properties within the closure will receive a letter/leaflet about the works.

Attached is the initial program of works, please be aware that Surface Treatments, are heavily weather dependent, and as a result, given the size of the program; are subject to possible changes at very short notice. I would also like to draw your attention to Frank Bridges Close, Soham which has been included in the Micro-Asphalt program. Due to an administrative error, this site will not be done until 2021, and will be removed from the program.

If you have any questions regarding this program of Micro-Asphalt and Gripfibre works, please do not hesitate to contact Highways at Cambridgeshire County Council.

Chisholm Trails Works

Installation of jetty for The Chisholm Trail

Installation of the Chisholm Trail jetty is now scheduled to take place from 13th to 26th August 2020.

The jetty, which connects the footpath between Stourbridge Common and Ditton Meadows, will be installed from 13th August. It is expected to reopen this autumn to enable people to walk and cycle across the common. It marks an important step in the Chisholm Trail – a joint project between the Greater Cambridge Partnership and Cambridgeshire County Council to deliver a new first-class walking and cycling route across the city.

Tarmac will be undertaking the construction on behalf of Cambridgeshire County Council and the Greater Cambridge Partnership.

Please note that during this period there will also be some disruption on Fen Road. Most of the work is planned to be carried out during the day, however there will be two occurrences of night working. Further detail is shown in the table below:

13th /14thAugust 202008:00 ?18:00?Full river closure.
14th / 15thAugust 202008:00 ? 18:00?Fen Road, Chesterton – lane closure via stop/go boards and towpath will be closed for a short duration.??
15th /16thAugust 202008:00 to 18:00 on 15th?20:00 on 15th to 06:00 on 16th?Full river closure.
17th / 18thAugust 202008:00 ? 18:00?Full river closure.??
17thAugust 202008:00 ? 18:00?Pike and Eel, on Fen Road, Chesterton, lane closure via stop/go boards and the towpath will be closed for a short duration.?Vehicle movements on Fen Road, Chesterton.?Lane closure on Fen Road, Chesterton. Towpath will be closed for a short duration.?
19thAugust 202008:00 ? 18:00 ?Full river closure.
20th /21stAugust 2020?08:00 ? 18:00Full river closure.
22nd / 23rdAugust 202020:00 on 22nd to 06:00 on 23rd?Full river closure.? Towpath will be closed for a short duration.
24th, 25thand 26thAugust 202008:00 ? 18:00Full river closure.
24th/25thAugust 2020.08:00 ? 18:00Lane Closure on Fen Road, Chesterton. Towpath will be closed for a short duration.

The above dates are subject to change, however we will provide as much notice as possible.

Further information in relation to the installation of Abbey/Chesterton Bridge will be released at a later date.?

We will do our best to keep noise and disruption to a minimum. If you wish to discuss this work and how it affects you, please contact Tarmac?s Project Manager, Alex Bedford at alex.bedford@tarmac.comor via the out of hours number: 0800 876 6087.

We thank you in advance for your co-operation and patience. Updates will also be posted to our Twitter?and Facebook accounts.

The Greater Cambridge Partnership