Recent Drain Cover thefts

We have been notified that neighbouring villages have experienced a spate of drain covers thefts. Please be vigilant as these thefts leave road users and pedestrians at risk of injury.

If you notice any missing drain covers please report them immediately to the police on 101 and Cambridge Highways on 03450 0455212

Upcoming Road Closures – Over Road, Willingham

Notification of Forthcoming Disruptive Works

Brief description of works        Trial holes on Over Road and nearby locations. The works on Over Road will require a road closure. These works will be completed as soon as possible to reopen the road. At other times Traffic lights will be used under manual control.                                                            
Estimated Start and End Dates18/10 – 22/10
Duration5 DAYS
Traffic Management OptionsROAD CLOSURE AND LIGHTS    
Expected disruptionCONGESTION
Conditions    MANUAL CONTOL OF LIGHTS        
CCC Officer Contact for further informationSTREETWORKS TEAM                  

Neighbourhood Alert – Safer Speeding Team Day of Action

Last month the Constabulary created a new team dedicated to cracking down on speeding drivers across the county’s cities, towns, villages and rural roads.

Officers from the Special Constabulary including myself, Special Inspector Stephen Mudie, Special Sergeant Tom Howard and a band of Special Constables form the southern ‘Neighbourhood Safer Speed Team’. They volunteer their time responding to concerns from residents around speeding and anti-social driving.

The team also support local Community Speedwatch groups with enforcement and education.
Today (2 September) the team concentrated their efforts in Great Shelford, Fulbourn, Balsham, Hardwick and Milton Road.

We issued six tickets for speeding, including one for travelling 59mph in a 40mph in Hardwick. We also issued two tickets for no seatbelts.

In addition, we gave words of advice to multiple drivers around speeding and spoke to riders about the laws around e-scooters.

A lorry driver was reported for dangerous driving after he was seen on the A14 holding paperwork with one hand and entering a destination on his sat nav with the other.

If speeding is an issue in your area, we’d like to know about it. Please report your concerns to us here.

Special Inspector Stephen Mudie

Road Closures – A14 C2H – week commencing 6th Sept 2021

There are no planned closures for week commencing 6th September 2021 in relation to the A14 Cambridge to Huntingdon improvement scheme.

A reminder that B1514 Brampton Road will be closed on both Saturday 4 & Sunday 5 8am to 5pm this weekend between Scholars Avenue and Edison Bell Way.

The new Views Common road opened this morning as planned and provides an alternative route to Spittals roundabout via Hinchingbrooke Park Road.

For all queries relating to the scheme, please email:

A14 C 2 H Road Closures week commencing 30th August 2021

Please note Views Common, Huntingdon is due to open on the morning of Friday 3 September. The new road will provide a link between Hinchingbrooke Park Road and the A1307 that will connect between Huntingdon to Spittals roundabout.

For all queries relating to the scheme, please email:

Further updateson scheme progress can be found on our website.

Upcoming Roadworks/closures in Cottenham

Anglian Water is due to carry out works in Cottenham which may have an impact on Willingham residents. Please see below

The works will be done in 2 phases; with phase 1 covering the High Street and phase 2 covering Rampton Road.

Phase 1 Part 1 – 01/09/21 – 21/09/21

Cottenham High Street between Rooks Street and Broad Lane with a full road closure of this part of the High Street.

Access to the High Street for traffic from Rooks Street will be stopped

Access to Broad Lane will be controlled via 2-way lights

Phase 1 Part 2 – 22/09/21 – 11/10/21

Cottenham High Street between Lambs Lane and Margett Street with a full road closure of this part of the High Street

Access to the High Street for traffic from Margett Street will be stopped

This area of work will also affect the Fire station (opposite Margett Street junction) as they will only be able to turn left onto the High Street

Phase 1 Part 3 – 12/10/21 – 22/10/21

Cottenham High Street between Lambs Lane and Curringtons Close with a full road closure of this part of the High Street.

Access to the High Street for traffic from Lambs Lane will be stopped

Access to the Cottenham Tyre and Autocentre will be maintained from the South

Phase 2 Part 1 – 25/10/21 – 12/11/21

Cottenham Rampton Road; Oakington junction with Rampton Rd will have 2 way lights.

The road will be closed at the junction of Rampton Road to Ellis Close junction

Phase 2 Part 2 – 15/11/21 – 23/11/21

Cottenham Rampton Road; closure of Rampton Road at The Green with 2 way lights on Histon Road