Willingham News – February 2019

 East/West Rail Link from Oxford to Cambridge.

Councillor Bridget Smith, leader of South Cambridge District Council attended the February Council meeting and spoke about the ongoing focus of SCDC.

Amongst these Councillor Smith highlighted the east/west rail link between Oxford and Cambridge as being transformational for South Cambridgeshire.

This development could bring improved transport, opportunities for business and housing development.

Last autumn SCDC wrote to the Government, asking them to give full and thorough consideration to the environment when selecting the route .Councillors are urging people to make sure that they have their say during the consultation period recognising the information published raises a lot of questions which they will be asking the promotors on behalf of local communities.

To find out more about the Oxford to Cambridge rail link proposals and the routes for consultation visit:


Willingham Action Group.

Willingham Action Group have applied for a grant which will enable them to purchase a number of Bird Boxes.

These will be placed around the village in order to help reduce the decline in native bird numbers.

More information will follow when the boxes arrive.

 The Ploughman Hall remains a very popular venue for parties and exercises classes.  Below is a list of the activities that take place regularly in the hall:


9.30am – 10.30 am – Zumba/aerobics

10:45am – 11.45 am – Pilates

12.00 – 1pm – Mother and Baby exercise class

6pm – 8pm – Fitness, strength & conditioning circuits

8pm – 10pm Badminton


6pm – 8pm – Fitness, strength & conditioning circuits

8pm to 10pm – Badminton


7.30pm – 8.30pm – Keep fit/Zumba


9.30 am – 12.30pm – Adult Ballet

7pm to 8pm – Yoga


9.30am – 10.30 am – Aerobics

10.30am – 11.30am  – Fitness pilates

8.30pm – 10pm Ballroom dancing

Lost and Found

Cambridgeshire police have joined police forces nationwide by ceasing to take reports of lost property and accepting only certain types of found item.

The changes took effect nationally from 1 February after the Chief Constables’ Council agreed it as a way of reducing non-essential demand and the associated costs and bureaucracy generated for call centres and front counters.

The police service has traditionally accepted the responsibility of recording lost and found property, despite there being no statutory duty to maintain a system of recording non-evidential property.

Found items dealt with by police have reduced and a consistent approach adopted across the country. This will help reduce call volumes and remove an unnecessary burden on policing.

If you have lost or found an item, visit the force website for guidance on what to do. Further detail on our lost and found policy is below.

Lost items

Any loss can be reported online at sites including:



www.reportmyloss.com (for an insurance report)

For bicycles, register and report at www.bikeregister.com

Report UK Passports at https://www.gov.uk/report-a-lost-or-stolen-passport

Details of losses reported via these methods are made available to police forces across the UK.

If you have lost property in a public place/premises or on public transport, contact the location or service provider directly.

Found items

The following categories have been created for found items:


  • Items capable of containing data e.g mobile phones and computers.
  • Cash and wallets that are identifiable
  • Unidentifiable cash
  • Identity and personal documents

 We do not accept

  • Bicycles
  • Personal but unidentifiable items
  • Clothing
  • Keys
  • Jewellery

For non-accepted items, with some exceptions, the finder can retain the property. They are under no legal obligation to hand in the property providing they have made a reasonable attempt to return it to the owner.


Willingham News – January 2019

Our Parish Clock

Our Parish Clock has not worked since October 2018.  The Parish Council was able to identify only one clock company – Smiths of Derby – prepared to advise on and complete the work required to get the clock working again.   Smiths advise that the clock’s equipment requires a major overhaul.  It also suggests restoration work on the dial is carried out at the same time.  The Parish Council understands that this complex level of maintenance and renovation has not been carried out since the clock was provided in 1887 at a cost of £125.00.  It will be discussing these proposals and the budgetary implications during January.

Parking at road junctions

Vehicles parked on streets should not cause a danger or unnecessarily obstruct the road.    Parking is not allowed within ten metres of a junction or anywhere where the kerb is lowered.  This helps users of powered mobility vehicles, wheelchair and pram users.  The Parish Council receives residents’ comments about dangerous or unnecessary car parking close to the junctions of Saxon Way, Covent Garden and Bourneys Manor Close with the High Street.  It has been suggested that yellow lining is placed around these junctions to restrict this parking.  The Parish Council has investigated this. It has been advised that parking restrictions could be introduced but the police would not undertake routine enforcement.  Neighbouring parishes report that recently introduced parking restrictions, without enforcement, are often ignored.  The police are encouraging villages to approach the County and District Councils to seek de-criminalisation of these parking offences.  Parking offences could then be managed as a civil offence and enforced by traffic wardens.  The Parish Council will be discussing how it should respond to this situation in the village.  Vehicle users can also play a part by parking with a greater consideration of the needs of other residents and vehicle users.

Black Pit Drove: an update

Shortly before the Christmas holiday the South Cambridgeshire Principal Planning Enforcement Officer and a legal representative attended the High Court to seek resolution of this issue.  In the absence of traveller representatives, the Judge declined to reach a final decision.  It is anticipated that a further hearing will be held during January with a final judgement made at that time.

Reporting concerns

Cambridgeshire County Council (CCC) and South Cambridgeshire District Council (SCDC) are responsible for the following areas of our village life.  Contact SCDC to report Abandoned vehicles, Air Pollution, Dog Fouling, Fly tipping, Fly posting, Graffiti, Litter, Street Cleaning and Asbestos.  Use this online address:  https://www.scambs.gov.uk/services/environment

Contact CCC to report Potholes, Road/pavement surface, Flooding, Signs and street furniture, Street lights, Rights of Way, Hedges/trees and weeds (along the highway), Road works, Spillages/debris on the road, Traffic lights.   Use this online address: https://www.cambridgeshire.gov.uk/residents/travel-roads-and-parking/roads-and-pathways/roadworks-and-faults/

 The police can be contacted with respect to their non-urgent responsibilities by either telephoning 101 or using this online address: https://www.cambs.police.uk/report/

 Hedge cutting

We have been asked by Cambridgeshire County Council to remind residents to try to complete any hedge cutting or tree trimming by the end of February – certainly before birds start their nesting activity!

Willingham News – December 2018


The last time I had the pleasure of writing the comments for the Parish Council was for the July edition, when I closed by wishing you all a wonderful summer. Weather wise, it was, but we did have some other problems, not least with crime.

It was at two levels. There was a stream of low-level criminal damage and anti-social behaviour which caused considerable distress and there was more serious criminal activity in a number of raids on the Co-op and Stop Shop. One of the raids on the Co-op involved the removal of the cash machine, which will not be replaced, and one of the raids on the Stop Shop, during opening hours, threatened staff.

Quite understandably, this crime spree led to widespread concern and some loss in confidence that cuts to the police budget meant a lack of police presence, difficulty in contacting the police and even more difficulty in getting a response.

It took a little time, but to give due credit to the Cambridge Constabulary once the scale of the problem became apparent the response was very positive. There was increased presence, much more rapid response and two public meetings, both very well attended.

At the second of these meetings on Saturday 1st December significant progress was reported. The meeting was attended by the Police and Crime Commissioner and our MP as well as our local police contacts.

We now have a quieter, calmer village. The kind of place in which we all wish to live. Whether or not that can be maintained long term is not certain. Inevitably, as the focus moves away from Willingham to other hot spots, we shall receive less attention. But we have established some very good contacts and made the point that Willingham residents care deeply about their village and the need to keep it safe.

One of the points raised by Sgt Priestly at the meeting was the positive support provided through the village Facebook page.  As he pointed out social media can be an excellent tool for disseminating information when used correctly but users do need to be mindful that not all information posted may be correct.

Enough for now, but there will be more on this subject in the New Year when we take up some of the issues raised at our meetings.

Other Matters in Brief:

The precept for 2019/20 has been set at £123,275 which is a 2.8% increase on last year. I will deal with this in more detail in my annual report in May.

The parish office will be closed from the 21st of December through to the 1st January. If you have an urgent problem please call one of the councillors listed in Willingham News or on the website.

And finally, let me close this time on a similar note to last time by wishing you all a very happy New Year. My next contribution to Willingham News will be for the July 2019 edition by which time I am hopeful that we will have a new and younger Chairman with new ideas.

It has been a pleasure Chairing WPC on several occasions over the last ten years or so but definitely time to hand over to new blood. I do know that WPC works hard to deliver services, help and information in our village and understand that the efforts are not always appreciated. Our very hard worked parish clerk tells me that it is a good day when she gets less than three complaints. So be it, better three complaints than no comment.

With my best wishes – Phil King

Willingham News – November

Community Police Meeting

The second meeting between the Willingham community and the police, to discuss the concerns of parishioners and to hear the police response to these concerns and their proposed solutions, has now been finalised.  The meeting will be hosted and Chaired by the Willingham Parish Council and is scheduled to take place at 4:30pm to 6pm on Saturday 1st December at the Ploughman Hall, West Fen Road, Willingham.  It is expected that the Police & Crime Commissioner and our Member of Parliament, Lucy Frazer MP, will be in attendance.  The Agenda is as follows:

  • 4:30pm Introductions by Willingham Parish Council.
  • 4:35pm Presentation from District Councillors.
  • 4:45pm Presentation from County Councillor.
  • 4:55pm Police report on Actions raised at the last community police meeting held on 20th September 2018.
  • 5:05pm Presentation by the Police & Crime Commissioner.
  • 5:15pm Question and answer session with Lucy Frazer MP, the Police & Crime Commissioner, local police officers, District and County Council representatives.
  • 5:55pm Meeting closed by Willingham Parish Council.

This is perhaps a good time to remember that the police need the support of our community to fight crime.  Please ring 101 or use the Cambridgeshire Constabulary website (www.cambs.police.uk) to report crime or to provide information on incidents.

Home Security Tips for the Autumn

Now that the clocks have gone back and the days are shorter, the South Cambridgeshire Neighbourhood team have identified the following steps to help in deterring opportunist intruders, especially if you are away from your property for any length of time:

  • Consider using lights on timer switches, leave lights on and/or leave a radio on to make your home look occupied (do not draw all the curtains).
  • Secure entry and exit points and don’t leave windows or doors unlocked or ajar.
  • Arrange for friends or neighbours to periodically check your property.
  • Avoid leaving keys and valuables within view or reach of a window or door.
  • If you have an alarm, make sure you use it (dummy systems are not recommended).
  • Consider the security of sheds and outbuildings as these may be attractive to thieves looking for equipment such as chainsaws and lawnmowers. They may also be able to use your hand tools to break into a door or window.
  • Register your property for free at immobilise.com to catalogue anything with a serial number, or upload photographs of more unique items.
  • Visit the police website for more detailed advice (www.cambs.police.uk).

Dog Walking Field Update

The identification of a suitable dog walking field remains ongoing.  Some landowners have already been approached regarding the selling or renting of their land (nothing suitable has been identified so far) and the option to use council-leased land on Meadow Road remains a possibility.  Unfortunately, there is not going to be a quick resolution to this issue but rest assured that the council is actively looking for a suitable site and should parishioners identify a viable solution, the council will investigate accordingly.

South Cambridgeshire District Council Proposed Bin Changes

The SCDC are proposing to make changes to bin services by introducing a charge to households who want more than one green bin.  The first green bin will remain free but additional green bins will cost £20 each from April 2019 and this will rise to £35 in following years.

Christmas is upon us

Following on from the re-introduction of a Christmas tree last year, the council is pleased to announce that there will be another one placed on the village green again this December.  The Willingham Parish Council wishes all parishioners a very Happy Christmas and New Year.

Dave Carlton

Newsletter – October 2018

Dog Walking Field

Many parishioners have been dismayed to discover that the dog walking field will no longer be available now that the Government sponsored arrangement which allowed for public use of farmer’s land has ended. The Council have been in touch with the landowner, and it is not currently possible to extend the use of the field.

We are very aware of how much this will be missed and are actively seeking other arrangements. Unfortunately, the only Council owned land (the Community Orchard and land on Meadow Lane) is not suitable. If anybody knows of or can suggest alternate locations, please contact the Council and we will investigate how we can move forward.

MUGA – Multi-Use Games Area

Villagers will be aware that the new development in Rockmill End is proceeding, despite strenuous objections from the Parish Council. The only upside of this is that the developers have to provide “section 106 money” to fund community facilities in the village. The Council is looking at options for creating an all-weather floodlit MUGA on the Recreation Ground using some of this money. The aim is to provide a facility that can be widely used by all age groups, within the limits of what is feasible on a single area.

Plans are at an early stage. If you or your sports group might be interested in making use of such a facility, if you would like to be kept informed of progress, or have any questions, please contact Leisure & Amenities Lead Councillor Linda King.


Some footpaths in the village are currently impassable in places due to overgrown brambles and other vegetation. The Parish Council has no powers other than to ask residents and owners to keep the paths clear and will be writing to those identified.

Responsibility for footpaths falls to the County Council Highways Department and any obstructions should be reported via the portal at https://highwaysreporting.cambridgeshire.gov.uk/. Note that the County Council can remove obstacles which are causing a hazard to the public, and will bill the landowner for any work carried out.

New Councillor

Please welcome Simon Anderson to the Council. Simon was co-opted as a new Parish Councillor at this month’s meeting, filling the vacancy left when Stephen Mellows moved away from the village. Simon’s contact details are here. Our thanks to Stephen for his time on the council and good works as Lead Councillor for the Cemetery.

Police Public Meeting

The meeting organised by the Parish Council on behalf of South Cambs Police was very well attended and our thanks to all who came along to raise their concerns with Sgts Hilson and Priestly. The Council’s notes of the meeting and the police Community Plan are online under the “Police” News Category. Printed copies of the Plan are also available in the library.

Local Plan

After a marathon and probably record-breaking four and a half year inspection, the South Cambridgeshire Local Plan was at last approved by the District Council at their meeting on the 27th September. This means it can now be given “full weight” in planning inspections and should mean an end to the rash of inappropriate developments in the village.

3rd Defibrillator

The second village defibrillator, installed on the library, was used recently and then returned after travelling with a patient to Addenbrookes Hospital. For privacy reasons we have not been informed of the details of its use, but inspired by this the Council intends to add provision in next year’s budget for the installation of a third device somewhere in the south of the village.

WW1 Commemorative Bench

To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the end of The Great War, the Parish Council have installed a memorial bench in the cemetery. This will be officially inaugurated as part of the Remembrance Sunday service at the War Memorial.

Willingham News September 2018

From the Parish Council

Anti-social behaviour

September’s meeting saw the largest number of parishioners attending for many years. Over 50 villagers came to make representation regarding the recent increase in anti-social behaviour, vandalism and disruption in the village and the apparent lack of police response. The meeting was also attended by PCSO Tony Martin, to respond and to take back the views of those there, including one who spoke eloquently on behalf of the many. After the public part of the meeting, many left and had separate discussions with the PCSO.

The Parish Council has been making strong representations with the Police to try and bring about a positive solution. We have met with local officers who agreed where time and commitments allowed additional patrols would be carried out within the village and we have seen some evidence of this in the past week or two.

The parish council is determined to bring offenders to justice and has held a more formal meeting with the police and arranged for a public meeting to take place. This should have happened beforef this publication.

This was an opportunity for you to raise your concerns directly with the police and hear what they are planning to do for you We would encourage residents to continue to report all incidents to the police so that they continue to have a clear picture of what is going on and where.

Traffic in Willingham

Following a meeting with Mick George, he agreed to pay for Community Road Watch (CRW) to conduct surveys on traffic through the village. Also, he will supply 2 interactive signs indicating actual speed for the village, and will monitor his vehicles to try to divert those that can use other routes.

The traffic logger was located by CRW on Earith Road midway between the southbound Vehicle Activated Signs. The logger shows typically nearly 5000 vehicles per week day in each direction, with a morning peak at 7.30am and evening at 5.30pm, both with over 900 vehicles per hour. Speeds were around 30mph at the peaks, but averaged 35mph from Earith and 38 Mph to Earith, with a peak speed reached at this point of 93mph! More information can be found at – www.roadwatch.org.uk/cambs/willingham/

Traffic monitoring by CRW collating HCV use was carried out in 2 hour sessions once a week over 4 weeks at differing times. The results were surprisingly similar with between 40 and 50 HCVs per session. This is more than one every 3 minutes on average.

The interactive speed signs should arrive soon and with additional brackets, these can be installed on Earith Road, Rampton Road and Over Road, relocated as needed.

A Site Traffic Enforcement meeting with our district, county and parish councillors, and representatives of the Northstowe planning officers was, disappointingly,  largely unproductive. The county council cannot prosecute any offenders of the planning conditions without complete evidence of non-compliance and they cannot look for this evidence themselves. Weight limits on the B1050 are unlikely to happen, though they will explore the possibility of a night time weight limit. Also, the traffic sensor monitoring is to be restarted which should give better evidence of traffic levels and types, etc.


Tim Wotherspoon, our County Councillor, reported that the pavements in Berrycroft and Newington are too far gone to be treated with slurry seal Therefore they need to wait till an appropriate budget can be found for a full reconstruction.

Regarding the B1050 alongside the river, he said the costs of the annual repairs are now so high that it may be viable to construct an alternative. This would need national funding which may be available from a Department of Transport scheme for disintegrating fen roads.


Proposals to utilise some Section 106 funding to provide a MUGA (Multi Use Games Area) are progressing. This will cost around £180,000 and will enhance sports facilities in the village, making it comparable with neighbouring communities.


Newsletter August 2018


Well done to everyone who has made a contribution to the magazine, been part of the Editorial team, and finally the distribution team, who have kept us up to date with Village news and events.

They recently received a GOLD award for ‘The Best Village Magazine’ from Cambridge Evening News.


The Council has continued to gather data and liaise with County and District Councils regarding this ongoing issue.

In the past few weeks active monitoring of traffic through the village has been carried out in Station Road and Earith Road.

A logger was installed for one week, to record traffic data including; date/time/speed/direction/type of vehicle.

Separate monitoring of four two hour sessions at different times was used to record; date/time/speed/direction/colour/model & chassis type/company name.


Dawn Percival our District Councillor recently held a surgery to which there was a small response. The next surgery is on 27th

October in The Ploughman Hall from 11a.m. until 12noon. These surgeries provide an opportunity to come and share your concerns with the District Councillor so that advice and help can be given.


Inconsiderate parking in many places around the village is making it difficult for other road users and pedestrians to use the roads safely.

Recently, this has become a problem at the entrance to Saxon Way, virtually creating a ‘one lane’ road.

We would encourage you to bear in mind where you park and consider the needs of other road users.


Unfortunately, there have been several reports of anti-social behaviour and vandalism around the village in recent weeks.

The council would encourage parishioners to report such incidents to the Police.[see below]

Other problems can be reported directly to the District and County Councils[see below]

South Cambridgeshire District Council – Environment reporting portal:  https://www.scambs.gov.uk/services/environment

Use this to report issues or concerns with:

  • Abandoned vehicles
  • Air Pollution
  • Dog Fouling
  • Fly tipping
  • Fly posting
  • Graffiti
  • Litter
  • Street Cleaning
  • Asbestos

County Council  – Highways reporting portal:


Use this to report issues or concerns with:

  • Potholes
  • Road/pavement surface
  • Flooding
  • Signs and street furniture
  • Street lights
  • Rights of Way
  • Hedges/trees and weeds (along the highway)
  • Road works
  • Spillages/debris on the road
  • Traffic lights

Police –  101 reporting portal (for non emergency calls):


Alternatively you can call 101 for non emergency assistance

Inconsiderate parking: http://tinyurl.com/SouthCambs-Parking

District Council News

Extra blue bin recycling?

The District Council recently posted a video on social media to highlight how residents should leave occasional extra recycling next to their blue bin. They have introduced new guidelines because their new collection vehicles have higher openings than their old trucks, so they needed to change the way they collect extra recycling.

You can view / share the video by watching it on YouTube here: https://youtu.be/qRLckclhwG4

For more information, see www.scambs.gov.uk/changes-to-the-way-we-collect-extra-recycling

Residents who regularly have extra recycling can order a free additional blue bin by requesting one at www.scambs.gov.uk/recycling

Contact: refuse@scambs.gov.uk or 03450 450063


Newsletter July 18

From the Parish Council



I feel honoured to be accepted as the vice chair of the Parish Council and in particular to be given the opportunity to contribute to this great magazine.

Another role that I have on the Parish Council is that of police liaison.  There has recently been a number of cases of antisocial behaviour around the Pavilion area, in particular the setting fire of a tree stump, damage to cricket nets and vandalism to one of the pavilion doors.  As a result, we have met with the police and provided them with evidence of these acts; the outcome of the meeting has provided us with confidence that action will be taken to find the perpetrators.  I have also placed a request from the police for information in relation to these incidents on the Willingham Village Facebook page and for those who have information but do not have access to this website, please ring 101 or, if you wish to remain anonymous, Crime Stoppers on 0800 555 111.

You can be assured that the Parish Council is determined to pursue perpetrators of antisocial behaviour and to recover costs wherever possible, including the recovery of costs from parents of any underaged offenders.

In addition to the antisocial behaviour, the co-operative store experienced a ram raid in July.  Consequently, the police were contacted to discuss the overall increase in crime in the village and they have agreed to arrange a community surgery at the Co-Op in Willingham (12 High Street, Willingham, CB24 5ES) on Wednesday the 15th of August 2018 between 17:00-18:30 to allay fears and to provide an increased presence.

There is no doubt that criminal behaviour can give cause for concern and therefore the use of Neighbourhood Watch will be pursued.  Clearly there will be work needed to bring this all together and I will work with the police to put in place the correct management processes to ensure we have an effective Neighbourhood Watch system.  Meetings will be arranged once I have enough information so please give this some thought in the meantime.

Roads  I think we all experienced the negative impact of pot holes on our roads throughout the village.  We would like to give you advanced information that the High Street is due for more-permanent repair during August and unfortunately this may cause some disruption during the day (09:30 – 15:30) between the 8th and 17th August. A Road Traffic Order is also being made by Cambridgeshire County Council to extend the existing 30mph speed limit on Station Road to a point 66 metres south of Westfield and should mean we will see this in place very soon. Other Matters South Cambridgeshire District Council is offering existing businesses and start-ups the opportunity to attend FREE drop-in advice sessions and practical workshops at their offices in Cambourne.  There are one-to-one sessions with advisors, workshops, advice and support and more detail can be found in the ‘Latest news’ section at https://www.scambs.gov.uk/nwessupport South Cambridgeshire District Council is also offering a number of summer sports camps in Athletics, Netball, Rounders and Kwik Cricket. www.scambs.gov.uk/sportscamps. The cost is £24 per day and camps are open to children aged 7-14.

Dave Carlton





Newsletter June 2018


The comments in Willingham News from the Parish Council are written on a rota basis by six different councillors. This shares the load but more importantly ensures a variety of styles and opinions. It is my pleasure as council chairman to present the comments this month.

I know that not everyone will be pleased to hear that I am back as chair for the third time. Let me assure you that this is not due to an inflated ego but a lack of other candidates. Whilst it is a privilege to chair the council, having done it twice before for a total of six years, I can well understand that you may have preferred to see a new face.

I should have preferred to see one myself. I am a great believer in rotating chairmanships. That way you get new ideas. The good news is that the council does have some new and very able councillors who have put their hands up for future leading roles. David Carlton has agreed to be my vice chair and will, I hope, be able to take over next year as chairman.

As you will know, we had elections in May which resulted in thirteen councillors being returned unopposed. The remaining two posts have since been filled by co-option so I am pleased to say that for now we have a parish council at full strength. However, at least one councillor is likely to be moving out of the village shortly which will create a new vacancy. Please do consider putting your name forward. We are regarded as progressive and well run and can promise new members a very warm welcome.


As reported last month, SCDC also had elections in May that saw the Liberal Democrats sweep the board and enabled them to form a strong majority at Cambourne. They promise that their priorities will be affordable housing, the environment and supporting business growth.

For Willingham and Over we have two new Liberal Democrat councillors, Dawn Percival who lives in Willingham and Bill Handley who lives in Over. Both of them came along to our parish council meetings in May and June. They have promised to hold quarterly surgeries in Willingham from the end of July. The surgeries will be held in the Ploughman Hall between 11 am and Midday on 28 July 2018, 27 October 2018 and 26 January 2019.

Some of you may remember Dawn’s grandmother. She taught at Willingham school for many years and had among her alumni councillors Cook and Manning. How hard is that!

Dawn and Bill can be contacted at cllr.percival@scambs.gov.uk and cllr.handley@scambs.gov.uk


Your county councillor, Tim Wotherspoon came along to the Annual Parish Meeting and took on a series of questions about highways. Potholes and HGV traffic featured strongly and are high on Tim’s agenda. He mentioned a scheme of summer repair work to improve the road surfaces that will try to avoid so many problems next winter and also a potential new road link from the top of the M11 into the fens that could provide significant benefits to Willingham. However, that is some time away with the route still to be decided and funding to be agreed.

Unfortunately, Tim was not at our June meeting when further issues were raised regarding the volume and speed of traffic through the village. The clerk will be in contact with him on these matters. Tim usually attends parish council meetings when you can ask him questions or you can contact him at: Timothy.Wotherspoon@cambridgeshire.gov.uk

  Other Matters: 

I mentioned above the landslide victory of the Liberal Democrats in the district council elections. I should also mention that it resulted in Ray Manning narrowly missing election as an Independent. Ray has done a huge amount for this village over many years as a parish and district councillor. Our thanks go to him and his long-suffering family for the thousands of hours he has contributed.

I also mentioned the fact that this page of Willingham News gets compiled by different councillors on a rota. My next contribution will be for the January 2019 edition so in the meantime may I wish you all a wonderful summer.

Newsletter May 2018

District Council Elections

There were new arrangements for the District Council this year. The total number of councillors has been reduced to 45 (from 57), and the new ward of Over & Willingham (pretty much the same as the old ward of Willingham & Over) now has 2 councillors instead of 3. Also, instead of electing one third of councillors each year (with one year off), all councillors are now elected together.

In a result which was repeated over almost all of South Cambridgeshire, both our District Councillors are now Liberal Democrats – Bill Handley and Dawn Percival. Congratulations to them both and we look forward to their participation in future Parish Council meetings. Our longstanding District Councillor (and previously County Councillor) Ray Manning will no longer be representing the village at District but remains on the Parish Council. We would like to thank him for his service over many years, particularly in the recent Over Border negotiations.

Parish Council

Parish Council elections are now aligned with District Council elections and will take place on the same day every four years. Willingham Parish Council was already due this year, so there was no change here. The election was uncontested (there are 2 vacancies, see below) so the council will retain all its existing members with the exception of Andrew Cook who is stepping down.

Andrew has been a Parish Councillor for many years, including a spell as Chairman, and his contributions both in practical terms and through his extensive knowledge of local history will be sorely missed. We thank him sincerely for his efforts, and would like to hope that this is only a temporary absence.

2nd Defibrillator

The second village defibrillator has been installed at the library and on the 12th April there was a training session given by Tom Miller, a First Responder in the village. Thanks to the library for hosting, Tom for the training, and all those who attended.

Traffic Monitoring

Observant users of Earith Road will have seen a temporary interactive traffic sign when entering the village. This was part of a traffic survey, monitoring speeds both with and without the new sign. The data gathered show that, except for some (extreme) outliers, average traffic speeds did not markedly exceed the speed limit for most of the day and the interactive sign had only a minor impact on reductions in average traffic speeds.

Council Vacancies

There are currently 2 vacant seats on the Council. If you are interested or would like to know more about what is involved, please contact either the parish office or any of the councillors for a chat: contact details are below.