Newsletter – December 2017

Newsletter – December 2017 – compiled by Councillor Croucher

The Parish Council hopes everyone has had an enjoyable Christmas and New Year break! In the period before Christmas the Parish Council was busy reflecting on the support it has received in the past 12 months and looking forward to the opportunities and challenges of 2018. We hope for positive progress on extending the 30 mph speed limit along Station Road and, maybe, a resolution of the boundary review between Willingham and Over.

 Christmas trees

 Last Christmas the Parish Council re-introduced a Christmas tree and lights to the Village Green. They were much enjoyed by everyone. This year the tree and lights were in place from early December – we hope you have taken the opportunity over the holidays to walk to the Green to enjoy the spectacle. The tree has been generously donated by a local resident, Mr Coe, to whom we offer our grateful thanks. We also thank the volunteer Councillors and family members for giving up their time to set up the tree and lights – this year they discovered that a rodent had been nesting in the fuse box! The fuse box needed some tidying up before any connections could be made.

You may have also noticed that another Christmas tree has been sited on the front of the Public Hall, using a wall bracket which will remain in place for use in future years. This tree has been supplied through sponsorship supplied by the Co-op Store. The Parish Council hopes this will brighten up one part of the High Street.

 The Parish Precept, 2018-2019

 The Parish Council’s Finance and General Purposes Committee met during December to review the parish’s financial situation, decide on the budget for the coming 2018-2019 financial year and propose a precept requirement to the District Council. Lead Councillors identified a budget for the coming year of £180,367. This sum would cover the parish Council’s current activities and also allow for funding for new initiatives. Key items include an increased level of support for Over Day Centre, recognising that a large number of users are Willingham residents and that the Centre is losing considerable funding support from the County Council, the introduction of a structured monitoring programme of nitrous oxide emissions from vehicles on the High Street, and the revision of the Parish Plan.

After further discussion the precept request was agreed at £119,950, an annual increase of just over 2%. The difference between our budget and precept requirements was covered by taking forward income and unspent balances from the current financial year.

Recent activity

Walkers using Pound Lane will note that hedge trimming and verge tidying works have been completed. At its December meeting the Council awarded small grants to support the Salvation Army’s Christmas activity and the ongoing work of the Fen Edge Twinning Association. Council also agreed funding to replace security lights on the Ploughman Hall which had been vandalised.

Paper caddy upcycling and wood-burning stoves

As you are probably aware the District Council is no using paper caddies as part of its recycling activity. Used paper should now be placed directly into the blue wheelie bins. The District Council is also running an upcycling competition for the most imaginative re-use of a caddy.

The District Council also notes that the increased use of open fires and wood burning stoves is generating more chimney smoke,   A new practical guide to improve the efficiency of wood burning stoves , reduce fuel costs and decrease impacts on health can be downloaded from the District Council’s website.

Proludic Sport

Proludic supplied much of the equipment on our very successful playground. Some of this equipment is for use by keep fit enthusiasts. The benefits of using this equipment can be maximised by downloading videos and individual workouts from the Proludic website (

A14 and A1 Road Closures 11th – 15th December 2017

Below are details of this week’s planned closures, as part of our A14 Cambridge to Huntingdon improvement scheme. Apologies in advance for the delay in sending this out today.

This week’s A14 Cambridge to Huntingdon closures;

Mon 11

Full closure Dry Drayton Rd (opening time yet to be confirmed)

Tue 12 for one night

A14 westbound Histon (J32) exit slip (9pm – 6am)

A14 westbound Girton (J31) & Swavesey (J28), including A1307 outbound (9pm – 6am)

Tue 12 to Wed 13

A1 northbound between Buckden & Brampton Hut (each night 9pm – 6am)

A1 southbound between Alconbury & Brampton (each night 9pm – 6am)

Wed 13 for one night

M11 northbound (J14) exit slip (9pm – 6am)

A14 westbound Girton (J31) exit slip, including A1307 outbound (9pm – 6am)

Full road closure Bar Hill overbridge (9pm – 6am)

Wed 13 to Fri 15

A14 eastbound Milton (J33) exit slip (each night, 9pm – 6am)

Thurs 14 to Fri 15

A1 southbound between Alconbury & Brampton Hut (each night 9pm – 6am)

A14 eastbound between St Ives (J26) & Girton (J31), including A1307 inbound (each night 9pm – 6am)

Our official diversion route will be signposted and you can find diversion maps on our social media pages (or just email us for additional copies).

We regularly update details of closures specific to our A14 Cambridge to Huntingdon improvement scheme on our Facebook ( and Twitter (@A14C2H) pages. You can also find our latest posts by searching #A14C2Hclosures.

For questions about our A14C2H closures or scheme, just email For updates or information about closures not related to our scheme email or call 0300 123 5000.

Please note – closures may be subject to change, so check out our social media pages daily for updates.


Newsletter – November 2017

Compiled by Councillor P King

I joined the Parish Council fifteen years ago to try and help improve our village and in some respects this has happened but, sadly, it is not the case on all issues. On some we seem to be moving backwards.


A subject of regular and entirely reasonable complaint is that there is too much through traffic and far too many HGVs. The Parish Council has lobbied continuously for improvement but the Highways department at our County Council do not listen or perhaps do not wish to hear. As one parishioner pointed out at length last month, after being trapped in Tesco’s car park for an hour, not only do they do nothing to help, but they are not even very good at communicating issues. It does sound like a department that could use some new blood. We will keep lobbying our County Councillor, please do the same, the more emails he receives, the more likely we are to see some action,

On the same subject the Parish Council is trying to gather solid data. We installed two Nitrous Oxide test kits at central locations to measure emissions. These are quite simple devices consisting of test tubes that can tell us the NO2 levels in the atmosphere. They are mounted above eye level on street furniture. Sadly one has been stolen. What conceivable use or value it could have is unclear but if you do see someone looking vacantly at a test tube and wondering what to do next could you let us know please, which brings me to the next subject.


It is true that we live in a relatively low crime area but that is little comfort to those villagers that are on the receiving end of burglary, theft, criminal damage or anti-social behaviour. Equally worrying is the apparent lack of police interest. They claim that they simply do not have the resources to deal with low level crime. You will find it difficult to get any response on the 101 number and even 999 calls do not automatically trigger a physical response. What we would recommend is that for non emergency problems you use the following link: the advantage of doing so is that your complaint goes on record and that if there are enough complaints action will be taken.

Meanwhile your Parish Council will continue to press for greater police presence and use the link to ensure any damage to council property is always reported. There is also a nominated police liaison contact, currently Councillor Carlton, who attends local police meetings and maintains contact with local officers.

Be Winter Ready

We put in a reminder last month that winter weather can be seriously bad for our health and recommended getting expert advice from your pharmacist, making sure you get your flu jab, stocking up your medicine cabinet and keeping warm with more information available at To this we would add advice from the energy suppliers to make sure that appliances are serviced and in safe working order, that you keep a couple of torches within easy reach and that if you do suffer a power cut you dial 105 for further information. Also can we ask that you keep an eye out for any vulnerable neighbours?


Finally, to try and end on a more upbeat note, I am delighted to be able to tell you that Councillor Manning has agreed to take on the role of leading Green and Boundaries, ably assisted by Councillor Cook. And even better news, they have obtained a Christmas tree free of charge and will be installing it on the Green very shortly. Councillor Manning has said that he will hold the ladder as Councillor Cook puts up the decorations. Enjoy the tree and enjoy the holiday. The Parish Council sends very best wishes for Christmas and the New Year to all parishioners.

Newsletter – October 2017

Boundary Review:

Whilst many of you might think that Highgate Farm Store and adjacent buildings are in Willingham, you would be wrong. They are in Over, and most of the residents and businesses that are based there think that this is also wrong. They have petitioned for this area to be formally recognised as part of Willingham. The matter was reviewed by the Civic Affairs Committee at SCDC in September. The committee recommended refusal for change on the grounds that a sufficiently strong case had not been made and that the proposed new boundary conceded too much land, despite the boundary having been recommended by SCDC officers.

Geographically the Highgate area is joined to Willingham and separated from Over by about a mile of open space. As the petition from residents and the businesses operating there had requested local representation, Willingham Parish Council argued that it was their democratic right for this to happen. District Councillor Burling argued that the boundary had existed for four hundred years and should not be changed.

The SCDC committee recommended that Willingham and Over Parish Councils see if they could agree a smaller land change. WPC will certainly try but efforts in the past have met a brick wall. We will also be raising concerns about the procedure at the SCDC meeting.


Concern has been expressed by many in the village about the volume and type of traffic. The parish council is trying to obtain evidence about the extent of the problems, beginning with nitrous oxide testing at two locations. This will show whether the levels exceed national standards. Further testing may be done to measure particulates, noise levels and vibration. These are more expensive, but cooperation with neighbouring villages can reduce the costs, and could possibly lead to restrictions on heavy goods vehicles over a broader area. Meanwhile the parish council continues to liaise with local haulage firms to try and reduce the impact of heavy traffic through the village.

Bowls Club:

An application for a grant to help the bowls club resolve problems with the grass on the bowling green was approved. The council hopes the bowls club will continue to grow its support.

Waste Collection:

From 11 December papers and magazines must be placed directly in your blue bin. The separate caddy can no longer be used. The papers will still be recycled by the sorting centre.

Keeping Well:

Winter weather can be seriously bad for our health. Being cold can aggravate existing conditions and raise the risks of increased blood pressure, heart attacks and strokes. However, there are many things you can do to stay well. Recommendations include, getting expert advice from your pharmacist, making sure you get your flu jab, stocking up your medicine cabinet and keeping warm. More information is available at

First World War Memorial:

The parish council previously agreed to commemorate the ending of the First World War. A special steel bench has been ordered and will be placed in the cemetery near to the war memorial.